Origan Village – Tourism : Proximity

At just a few km from camping Origan, the naturist village gives way to medieval history by allowing you to visit one of the most remarkable villages in the area: Entrevaux, cité Vauban.
A medieval town, surrounded by Vauban’s ramparts, Entrevaux was the most defendable site of the kingdom of France. Its citadel offers today magnificent views of the meandering lines of the Var River. Do not miss the musée de la poudrière (museum of the powder magazine), which pays a tribute to the stronghold Entrevaux used to be through panels recounting the military adventures of the citadel.
To reach the village, an 800-meter ramp was built on the mountainside on a narrow rocky outcrop. Beyond, a remarkable cathedral with classified organs, classified furniture and works from the 17th and 18th centuries will delight art lovers. More modern, its musée de la moto (motorcycle museum) with its many models ready to conjure nostalgia to the heart of all 2-wheel fans.